Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Focus on Faye

Okay, so the laundry is done, the whole house is vacuumed and there are pots of water for cooking and cleaning everywhere; ice is in the freezer along with frozen bottles of water and I'm just about to head into town to stock up on comfort food!

We're ready for the rains and the winds and the possible power outages.........and now we wait.

We get better and better at this each hurricane season that makes a bit of noise.....we've had to re-think a few of our preparedness measures living in this rural the fact that no power equals no water when you have a well supplying that necessity instead of the town. Like the need to have more than a couple of bottles of bleach on hand because when you have to ration out your cleaning water, you need heavy duty disinfectant power to make that water go a lot further in keeping down the germs. And we've learned to fill up water buckets BEFORE the storm for know what. (In 2004, that little idea escaped us and we spent five days hauling buckets of water from the ditches.....and we didn't even think about using water from the hot tub....which is a lot closer then those ditches.)

We've learned too that buying a lot of healthy canned goods and stews does us no good....I'm better off stocking up on the fruit roll ups, the Vienna sausages and the lunch meat and peanut butter then those healthy items....cuz even if I cook them up on the old propane camp stove, everyone will turn their nose up at them.

So as I said, I'm off to stock up on those comfort foods so that if the worst happens and the good old electric company loses its ability to fire up our house, I can power up the mood with good, tasty, not so good for you food. And besides, my hurricane supply already is overflowing with all that healthy canned stuff...............just in case I can get anyone to eat it.

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