Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frugal Living Part II

Yesterday Hunter had an all day Band, since I had to be up and out of here so early, Nikki and I met up at the Flea Market....We got to hear some good old country singing by some of the locals (karaoke) - which always reminds me of my dad and our trips to the local version of the Grand Ol Oprey on Saturday evenings. We saw some cute puppies, bartered with some vender's who refused to come down on their prices and with others who would.

After most of my trips to the flea market, I leave empty handed; sometimes I pick up a great buy (i.e. a restored antique 12 inch cast iron skillet) and sometimes, like this trip....I come home with a truck load of good stuff. All of it needs some TLC but for $17.00 who cares............

Best Buys

1. Chair = $5.00 (possible re-upholstering here, but I kinda like the cover - good cleaning needed)
2. Ottoman = $2.00 (covered with a blanket for the moment)

3. Two wicker chairs = $5.00

4. Two throw rugs = $5.00 (no photos as I haven't decided where they'll go just yet)

Worst Buys

1. $3.00 bag of boiled peanuts that got thrown away....don't know what happened; usually this vendor's peanuts are to die for, but not today....the bag contained both under-cooked and over-cooked peanuts....and a very small amount of perfectly done peanuts....oh well.

2. $2.12 for a can of Pepsi poured over a large amount of ice - the whole can didn't fit in the cup so she kept it to top off the next drink sold.....told Nikki we needed to set up a stall in competition - this lady was making a killing...about $20.00 a case depending on what she actually paid for the cases herself......(usually, I bring in my own drink from home...forgot to do that this morning - won't forget again!)

I'm thinking a coat of the red paint on these (after we fix the legs)
and then a painted throw rug to define the sitting area......

As in most things we find in this life, there was trade off...lots of good things and a couple of not so good things.....but all in all, a good day for frugal living.

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