Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evidence of a fire~~

David spent about 3 hours yesterday hauling the insulation bundles up into the attic (before the temps outside caused him to have leave the heat of the attic).....as he did this prepping part of the job, he made a few discoveries....evidence of the old knob and tube wiring (all disconnected thank goodness) and .................evidence of a previous fire in this old house.

During last years upstairs bathroom renovation, we saw hints of a previous fire but since the P.O.'s had shared a story of a candle accident in that bathroom during a party they once held, we put it down to that. Yet, it appears that it may have been a separate incident....or a larger incident then they let on~~

Some repair and replacement had taken place where the fire occurred, but more will need to be done ~ anyone who owns one of these old homes will not be surprised that we've opened a can of worms by venturing into that attic...this is part and parcel of renovation/restoration of these places...two steps forward, one step back..............

Years ago, David restored an old home in the Riverside section of JVille that had been victim of a large fire, so he's well equipped in knowledge to take the repairs to the standard they need to meet and perhaps we'll discover more about the fire in the process....one more mystery about history~~

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