Monday, March 16, 2009

This years project list~~

Here it is ~~ (were you holding your collective breath?)

1. Add more insulation to the attic to bring it up to code (and up the warmth factor) - This project begins today. We were going to have it blown in, but we got a great deal on some leftover insulation from a local we're doing it ourselves ~ Craigs List is awesome~~.

2. Insulate, refloor, rewall the Harry Potter Cupboard (aka the cupboard under the stairs!) - we knew this little room needed to be done, but it wasn't until I sat on the stairs to paint the risers last fall that we realized just how badly it needed doing - I could feel a draft through the risers. - The floor is still the original flooring and sits inches below the dining room flooring.

3. Insulate and re-wall the only two closets upstairs - these aren't in as bad of shape as the Harry Potter Cupboard, but they are un-insulated.

4. Apply additional insulation to the underside of the house....during last years re-plumb it was discovered that the previous owner's contractors had done a patchwork of insulation under there (perhaps helping to explain the 10 degree temperature drop between the kitchen/office side of the house and the dining/living room side.)

5. Scrape, patch and paint Master Bedroom ceiling, paint walls, insulate the floor, put in a padded rug - this room is directly above the front porch and its floor is cold...very cold....there was carpeting when we moved in, we tore it out before we were ready to work on that room and we've had cold feet ever since~~

6. Complete the fencing project, sod the back yard. We fenced in the back yard last year and soon discovered that it was too small an area for us and four dogs. The dogs have destroyed all the sod out there with their rompings and left behind only weeds; once the fence is completed, we'll re-sod and hope for the best. We're also expanding the fenced area for added security - the economy has resulted in an increase of crime in our area...I'll feel better that the dogs can guard the whole yard and not just the rear....

7. Paint the kitchen cabinets.

8. Continue last year's project of re-doing the downstairs bathroom - this one has moved down the priority list due to this year's discovery of insulation issues.....we'll see how this one goes ....

Not a huge project list this year and most of it invisible to the eye once completed....hopefully the payoff will be in largely reduced energy bills...this very very cold winter opened our eyes to all the areas that had not been properly insulated by the p.o's......

Off to work then~ have a great day my friends....


  1. You've got quite a project list! Besides painting the family roon, we've only got one, the kitchen, on the list and that's one that big enough for the whole year! UGH!

    Sunny Monday to you!

  2. A Harry Potter wonderful! Do you have a special plan for that room?
    Good luck on all your projects and keep us posted.

  3. Actually, we were thinking this years list was a bit short! The attic is the worst of can only be done in the early a.m. due to the already rising temps...

    The H.P. cupboard....we use it for mops, brooms, cleaning products and tornado safe room~ :)

    No kiddos forced to sleep in there! Yet...........


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