Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blogging Anniversary~~

I've been blogging for one year now.....and man, did it go by fast.

To celebrate, I thought I'd share some of my one favorite posts...the ones that I feel describe my life the best:

This is it, Lori, this is it!
As we made the right turn into the driveway of the old farmhouse, David actually stopped the car and breathed "this is it, Lori, this is it".....! I said nothing for a moment ...."She's waiting for us" I finally said. David touched the gas pedal and drove on up the driveway, stopping beside a little foot bridge that crossed one of the two irrigation ditches that lined the I got out of the truck I was hardening my way was I getting emotionally attached to this house, not as long as there might be the slightest chance that we could get the Cracker House.....

There are two huge cypress trees on either side of our house.....they were planted in 1909 by a little girl named Eleanor Wilton. Five year old Eleanor had harvested those two little trees from the beach shortly after she immigrated to the U.S. aboard the SS St. Louis in 1909 to join her father. Arriving at the property her father had purchased for them to live and work, she planted those little trees beside the original portion of the house I now call home.

Failure to Launch? Or just a Pause in the Process?
First off, I just put Failure to Launch up there to catch the attention.....this is only a Pause in the Process.....of empty nesting! Yesterday, I learned that our somewhat empty nest will be filled back up this summer. Dallas comes home on May 8th from college and he'll be a bit surprised to realize that his room is now...........his sister's room!

How music saved a kid!
It's hard to believe that we've been here 4 years already; when we moved here Dallas was a senior in high school....we spent a lot of time driving back up to the old town to watch Dallas perform in various season and marching band had ended but there was "Fiddler on the Roof" and band concerts and various other events.

In the interest of fairness~
So, after working hours on my photo wall the other day; agonizing over which of the perfectly imperfect snapshots of the previous 25 years of life I wanted to use, darling Nikki comes home and says "I love the wall, but there aren't many photos of me, are there?"

Photos on my photo wall..........and the beauty of imperfection!
We've been here almost five years now. For all that time, I 've looked at our staircase wall and thought "one day, I'll hang photos there". But, I never could get up the creative energy to actually get in there and get it done.

My Mother's Hand....
I remember an old song called "Daddy's Hands"; I can't remember the singer but I do recall that she was in the Country Music Genre. I loved that song. While I sat beside my mother's hospital bed last Tuesday that song came to mind. Mom suffered a post surgical vertigo attack and the only movement she made without waves of dizziness and nausea for hours seemed to be confined to her fingers.

When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window..............
During our house search, I had it in my head I wanted no less then 2 acres of land ....I wanted chickens, pigs and horses......just like we'd had when I was a child....! By 2003, I knew that I'd either end up with a house with no land or land with no house and I was resigned to it.....then we found the Cracker House and I had hoped we'd actually get both....but God closed that door.

On the way to get that cup of coffee~
the phone rang......Olivia had decided to stop practicing and actually get down to the business of being, leaving the coffee on the counter and Hunter at his middle school...I headed in to the hospital. It was a beautiful experience.....five women - two grandmothers, an aunt, a niece and best friend, were all there in almost complete silence watching the miracle of birth...each from their own perspective....while a hero watched from his place of service; his place of sacrifice for our country, his wife, and his two daughters....for you and for me.

Peace in the storm.....
While we were in South Carolina last week, almost everyone Nikki and I spoke to mentioned the rain we've had lately in Florida. With the horrible things happening in the mid-west, I was a bit surprised that folks were even aware that we'd been getting some rather viscious thunderstorms, but almost everyone mentioned them.

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  1. Congrat's on a full year. Best of luck blogging and working on your home in the coming year.


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