Monday, September 21, 2009

Good thing I didn't make any promises write every day. I try not to make too many promises; like Mary Poppins said "promises are like pie crusts, easily made and easily broken" least that's the way I remember that quote. Its been a long time since I've sat and watched that movie with my kids - although it was a favorite in the old days....anyway, the important part is that the sentiment is remembered if not the exact words.

We've been busy playing catch up around here which leaves me little time to get on this computer and write something. I get on to check emails and visit FB and then I'm off again. The cover crop is down so yard work is a high priority - the kiddo is back in school so homework and projects and dinner's that are on time are back in the mix. And we're still fighting the pests in the entire pumpkin patch appears to have been eaten by pests in about a 24 hour period of time....and that hawk that I wrote about a month or so ago? He's been back with a few of his friends. Seems like maybe there is a "hunting" routine with him.....I've been keeping track of his appearances and it seems to be every three weeks - last week, the 22 was the "loud bang" that let him know he's not really welcome here since the BB guns weren't doing the trick....the chickens are very smart though and find cover whenever he's far we've been very lucky that he hasn't gotten a free meal.

I've been spending my free time reading up on the investment world~reading self teaching guides so that I can be more knowledgeable in the future and hopefully avoid losing our nest egg like so many others did in the past two years. We were among the lucky ones who lost only a bit of our investments but it made us aware that it was time to be a little less trusting of how someone else was handling our future. I'm even thinking of taking a class or two ~~

Anyway, that's what's been happening in our neck of the woods......


  1. I can understand how you are too rushed. This past week, my 5 kids, husband and I got sick. Not fun at all. I have been lucky to check my e-mail or see FB at all. I am just hoping that I can post in the next day or so. So many Dr. appointments....

  2. Hope you all get better real soon.....~


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