Friday, July 12, 2013

Almost there.....

Facebook Post Wednesday May 15th (me) Gazebo screen UP! Door ON. Siding going ON as I write this....Yard Guys will be here sometime to finish up the final pickup of logs and other things still around the property - replace brand new sod that was laid four days before the tornado in places where it was swept away or ruined by the weight of a 100 year old tree laying on it for four days....and mow for us since our John Deere is out of commission! Lay the rest of the stone.....Put up the new coop....finish potting flowers....Hey, we may actually make it!

We'd decide on Wednesday that the Gazebo wouldn't get painted (white) before the wedding. We were out of time. The next day would be spent finishing up the exterior decorating (lights on fences etc.) and Friday morning we'd have the deliveries made of chairs and dance floor and needed to start getting ready for all the family members coming in from out of town on Friday for the Rehearsal Dinner.

All our focus had been on getting the yard safe for our guests and the Gazebo walled and screened in order to serve food at the Reception for the past 8 days; the inside of the house was a mess and the camper needed to be readied for overflow family accommodations.  It was time to shift our focus totally to the Wedding!

While Wednesday was a very busy day, it was a fun day.  We could see that we would make it now.  All of the friends and family who'd shown up had helped us to accomplish what many admitted later they thought we would never be able to do.  Our homeowner's insurance had paid for the whole house to be pressure washed.  We'd found someone available to make our trees safe and help us repair fences and gates and sod and get our landscaping looking beautiful while all around us the damage to other's property was still visible. 

There was a lot more stress to come as we pulled it all together and a whole lot of things that we'd not get to do at the Reception that we'd planned on doing,  but our daughter was going to get her wedding at her home just as she'd wanted! 

And while we worked and laughed and realized we had this thing handled, God decided to remind us that he had a sense of humor; that he is always there in every situation we may find ourselves in.....

The field tornado followed the exact same path as the real tornado had done, reminding us all of all that we had come through together, with God and good friends and loving family.  My new Son in Law and I would see another of these whirling dervishes as we waited outside in the front yard for the rental company to unload the dance floor and chairs on Friday morning.  It was another reminder of who was ultimately in control!

2 days left till the Wedding!

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