Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tuesday May 14th - four days left

It's Tuesday, May 14th. There are no chainsaws going. There are the simple sounds of country breezes through treetops and birds singing. There is music playing through the outside speakers which somehow survived the tornado. I can hear the soft sound of people talking because there are lots of them around. The tree guys were using rakes instead of chainsaws and were loading their trailer with debris to be hauled away or using pruners paint in the tree tops.

Mystie was using salvaged wood from the destruction to paint signs for the wedding.
Dallas was helping David with a few things before they would get started on finishing the Gazebo. And the three dogs were playing safely inside the repaired fences whose gates now closed once again.

If you avoided looking towards the demolished barn and sheds, you could pretend that a tornado had never passed through our property just over a week ago. I worked on placing the flowers where we needed them; a pot filled with Mandeville set to hide the damaged azalea bush in a side garden; two more set strategically to hide damage to Canna Lilies; several smaller ones filled with purple flowering plants whose name I can't remember now used to hide the septic system's mechanical thing sticking out of the ground beside the stone pathway and my Chicken Planter set on top...
When I was finished with the work outside, I spent the remainder of the day on all those last minute things on the Wedding To Do List. The chaos I'd been living in was slowly being replaced by the order I'd been craving.


3 days left until the wedding

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