Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cockerels and Pullets.....

I knew we were taking a chance when we bought the chicks from Tractor Supply...I had forgotten the phraseology of the chicken world but I did remember that buying there instead of from a hatchery or feed store left us open to hearing a whole lot of crowing rather than clucking....but those chicks were so darn cute...and getting old....and they made us a good deal....so home they came with us.

All in all though, we did fairly well....we ended up with two cockerels and 3 pullets. I can't decide whether to risk keeping both boys or keeping one and trading the other for a hen from someone. If we keep both, we'll likely need another two hens to even things out a bit for when they...you know....do it.

One little man has already been given a name....Captain Feather Eater....while cleaning yesterday I noticed a different kind of sound coming from the mudroom. It took a moment to recognise it as the sound of pain. Checking on the little ones revealed three hens with bloody tail ends and one who also had a bleeding wing....the Captain had discovered the taste of blood and feathers.

This let me know that it was time to get a real move on that coop...they need more room and more entertainment. Our feather eater resides for the moment in a crate beside the others where he can see them but not peck them.....hopefully by this evening, they'll be investigating their new home outside and he'll forget all about pecking the poor girls....

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